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JAMON IBERICO 16 € | Ibérique Jamon from Salamanca. 36 months, D.O. Guijuelo, bellota, 50g, sweet peppers


TABLA IBERICA 15 € | Ibérique sausisson and chorizo, Cecina beef (Spanish dried beef), Ibérique morcilla, sweet peppers, capers

TABLA DE QUESOS 15 € | Murcia al vino, Valdeón picos blue, manchego 12 months, membrillo, maple walnuts, capers (v)

TABLA MEZCLA 28 € | Ibérique saucisson and chorizo, beef Cecina (dried beef), Ibérique morcilla, Murcia al vino, manchego 12 months, Valdeón picos blue, maple walnuts, sweet peppers, capers

VEGETARIAN MEZCLA 30 € | Padrón peppers, tortilla, olives, selection of Spanish cheese, patatas bravas, pan tumaca (v)


TORTILLA 5 € / 10 € | Spanish omelette (v)

ANCHOVIES 9 € | Anchovies marinaded in tarragon and preserved lemon

PADRÓN PEPPERS 11 € | Padrón peppers, smoked Maldon salt (v)

MUSHROOMS AL AJILLO 16 € | Sizzling wild mushrooms in garlic and vermouth

CHICKEN TACOS 14.50 € | Buttermilk fried chicken, mango salsa, smoked garlic aïoli

BERENJENAS FRITAS 17 € | Crispy aubergine, Galician truffle honey, smoked yoghurt, slivered almonds (v)

GAMBAS AL AJILLO 22 € | Sizzling gambas in chilli and garlic

PRESA IBERICA 25 € (Available at dinner service only) | Iberique pork bellota, fennel veloute, blueberry vinegar, apple gel, and chervil

PULPO A FEIRA 25 € (Available at dinner service only) | 200g Galician poulpe, potatoes, chilli, virgin olive oil

PAN TUMACA 12 € | Catalàn tomato bruschetta (v)

CROQUETAS CASERAS 8 € / 16.50 € | Jamón iberico croquetas

CALAMARES 17.50 € | Korean calamari, smoked garlic aïol and sambal oelek

PATATAS BRAVAS 14 € | Triple-cooked patatas bravas, homemade harissa, smoked garlic aïoli (v)

CHORICITOS AL JEREZ 19.50 € | Chorizo cooked in a cazuela, Pedro Ximénez sherry

ZAMBURIÑAS 24 € (Available at dinner service only) | Scallops stuffed with Thai-spiced vegetables, pickled red onions and carrots, slivered almonds

VEGAN ZAMBURIÑAS 20 € (Available at dinner service only) | Pleurottes royale mushrooms marinaded in red miso, with pickled vegetables, Thai-spiced vinaigrette, slivered amandes

TATAKI OF RUBIA GALLEGA 28 € (Available at dinner service only) | Seared Galician fillet of beef served with a bonemarrow and rosemary crumble, and beetroot and horseradish espuma

HOMEMADE NIBBLES 6 € | Selection of olives and pickles


HOUSE CHOCOLATE TORTE 14 € | Chocolate torte, almonds, tonka and Amarena cherry, chocolate glaze, served with mascarpone cream

DULCE DE LECHE FLAN 14 € | Caramel flan, caramelised white chocolate


30 €/pp recommended for 4 people

TABLA IBERICA | Ibérique saucisson and chorizo, Cecina beef (Spanish dried beef), Ibérique morcilla, sweet peppers, capers

CALAMARES | Korean calamari, smoked garlic aïol and sambal oelek

CHORICITOS AL JEREZ | Chorizo cooked in a cazuela, Pedro Ximénez sherry

TORTILLA | Spanish omelette (v)

PADRÓN PEPPERS | Padrón peppers, smoked Maldon salt (v)

BERENJENAS FRITAS | Crispy aubergine, Galician truffle honey, smoked yoghurt, slivered almonds (v)

ANCHOVIES | Anchovies marinaded in tarragon and preserved lemon

HOMEMADE NIBBLES  | Selection of olives and pickles (v)

CHUPITO | Choice of Galician or homemade liqueur


Sharing platter, 30 €/pp | Each menu is available on alternating Sundays


Available Feb: 11 & 25. Mar: 10 & 24. Apr: 7

PORK SPARE RIBS, membrillo glaze
CHICKEN THIGHS, Romesco sauce
MANCHEGO SALAD, apple, almonds


Available Feb: 18. Mar: 3, 17 & 31. Apr: 14

GRILLED GAMBAS, fried samphire
FILET OF HAKE, fennel slaw
SEARED TUNA, salsa de vieira
MANCHEGO SALAD, apple, almonds


GARDEN COLLINS 15 € | Tanqueray gin, cucumber and basil cordial, lemon, Fever-tree elderflower tonic, and a cucumber swirl

UNS PICAN 16 €Don Julio Blanco tequila, freshly juiced Padron peppers, salted Galician honey, Chartreuse Elixir, lime, and an Iberico ham garnish

EL BURRO 15 € | Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Wrey & Nephew overproof rum, beetroot juice, Amarena cherries, lime, and Fever-tree ginger beer. Garnished with lime and flaming cinnamon

LA PALOMITA 15 €Pineapple infused Del Maguey mezcal, smoked pineapple cordial, white grapefruit juice, lime, pineapple leaf, and mezcal mist garnish

MENACE TO SOBRIETY 16 € | Liquorice root infused Bulleit Rye, Cesar Florido fino sherry, DOM Benedictine, smoked Maldon saline, Peychaud’s, Angosturas and Xocolatl Mole bitters, cacao nib and cigar smoke

MAMA COCO 15 €Coconut oil fat-washed Olmeca Altos Banco tequila, spiced rhubarb syrup, falernum liqueur, cranberry, lime, pandan tinctureand a garnish of charred marshmallow (Allergens : Nuts, legumes)

LE BON VIVANT 15 €Wild mushroom infused Woodford Reserve, Nordesía red vermouth, Campari, Fee Brothers black walnut bitters, brown butter fat wash (Allergens: Dairy, mushrooms, nuts)

LA VIE EN ROSE 16 €Rose foam, Horgelus Colombard Sauvignon blanc wine, Cartron apricot brandy, apple juice, orange blossom cocktail caviar (Allergens: Soy, egg white)

COPIÑA COLADA 16 € | Plantation Barbados rum 5 years, toasted banana, coconut and tarragon syrup, pineapple juice, coconut milk, lime, garnished with tarragon oil (Allergens: lactose)

FISTERRA 16 € | Codium seaweed and homemade preserved lemon-infused Vanagandr vodka, Petroni white vermouth, Nordes gin, samphire tincture, and soda. Garnished with codium paint

GALICIA CALIDADE 15 € | Vanagandr gin, Mundo Galego toxo liqueur, Orballo rosemary, thyme and hibiscus tea infusion, blackberry and fennel shrub, Copiña house bitters, garnished with a fennel chiffonade

O CONXURO 16 € | Queimada, spiced ginger, Laphroaig whisky, Galician chestnut honey, Angostura bitters, lemon, Palo Santo smoke

NEGRONI NO. 3 15 € | Strawberry-infused Campari, Vanagandr barrel-aged Galician gin, Cynar, garnished with flambeed rosemary

L’ARABICA 15 € | Havana 7 rum, Licor de Cafe, cold-brew coffee, dark chocolate and orange syrup, egg white, vanilla bitters, garnished with dark chocolate and orange (Allergens: Egg)

MOJITO DE LA CASA 15 €Plantation 3 Star rum, home-infused Chartreuse mint Genepi, lime, mint, rich syrup, and a mint sprig garnish


Late-night cocktails: 9 € from 10 pm to midnight every day!