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our method, our madness

Behind Copiña is a team of passionate mixologists. We don’t see cocktails as a mere mixing of alcohols, we see them as a mixing of ideas, flavours, ingredients and creativity. We call this ‘cooking with cocktails’. Like the brilliantly mad scientists of the 16th and 17th scientific revolutions, our mixologists are at the forefront of the cocktail revolution. Discovering new ways and exploring new theories to bring nature’s flavours to your glass.


The passion to create, invent, and express ourselves through innovative cocktails led to the opening of Copiña Méribel in 2017. These cocktails were some of our first creations, and they have withstood the trials and changes of time…

Garden Collins

Cucumber • Basil • Elderflower • 14 €

Fresh from start to finish. A light serve, dominated by cucumber and basil, with an elderflower finish.

Fresh like an English garden, this cocktail is a people-pleaser. The Garden Collins leans on the classic combination of gin and cucumber, with fresh cucumber juice as the primary element, and basil to round this light serve with some lower notes. Fever-tree elderflower tonic adds length and a floral finish to the most popular cocktail on our menu.

Tanqueray gin, cucumber and basil cordial, lemon, Fever-tree elderflower tonic, and a cucumber swirl.

Uns Pican

Blanco tequila • Padron pepper • Salted honey • 15 €

Inspired by the saying for Padron peppers “Uns pican e outros non” – “some are spicy, and others are not”. The small green peppers, native to Galicia, are the base ingredient in the Uns Pican. This savoury creation, a favourite amongst our team, mixes earthy Padron peppers with Galician honey, giving a bittersweet finish and a bold tequila backbone. An Iberico ham garnish adds a further savoury flourish to the cocktail.

Don Julio Blanco tequila, freshly juiced Padron peppers, salted Galician honey, Chartreuse Elixir, lime, and an Iberico ham garnish.

Mojito de la Casa

Rum • Mint • Lime • Genepi • 14 €

Fresh lime and mint flavour throughout, with subtle rum and genepi notes to finish. After years of muddling brown sugar and lime, we decided to give our collective elbows a rest and create a clean, clear and fresh mojito. The Mojito de la Casa avoids the difficult texture of classic mojitos by using fresh lime juice and sugar syrup to create a refreshing serve. Our home-infused mint genepi is the stellar ingredient giving us light mint notes. Easy to drink, and a lovely reflection of the classic mojito.

Plantation 3 Star rum, home-infused Chartreuse mint genepi, lime, mint, rich syrup, and a mint sprig garnish.


Like all civilisations, there is a period of change. An evolution from classical antiquity to modernity. These cocktails emulate our renaissance, our poetry, our expression, and our art in cocktail form.


Pineapple • Grapefruit • Mezcal • 15 €

Ingenuity would best describe this cocktail, pineapple ingenuity. The Palomita is loosely based on a Paloma. Pineapple soaked in mezcal creates a smokey and sweet infusion. That same pineapple is used to make a smoked pineapple cordial. Mixed with white grapefruit juice and finished with a pineapple leaf garnish. Every part of the pineapple is used, and even the skin is used to make a tepache for other cocktails.

Pineapple infused Del Maguey mezcal, smoked pineapple cordial, white grapefruit juice, lime, pineapple leaf, and mezcal mist garnish.

El Burro

Ginger • Beetroot • Cherry • 15 €

Toasted cinnamon on the nose meets earthy beetroot and sweet cherry on the palate, which is quickly joined by a warming ginger finish.

This creation, from general manager Jimmy Torre, plays on the delicious match of beetroot and cherry. The rich and earthy flavour of raw beetroot juice compliments sweet Amarena cherry for our base. We build the El Burro like a Dark ‘N’ Stormy with Gosling’s rum and ginger beer. A final flourish of toasted cinnamon brings everything together.

Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Wrey & Nephew overproof rum, beetroot juice, Amarena cherries, lime, and Fever-tree ginger beer. Garnished with lime and flaming cinnamon.

Mama Coco

Coconut • Rhubarb • Almond • Pandan leaf • 15 €

A tiki-style cocktail with a tequila base. The Mama Coco is a multi-layered drink using a coconut oil-washed Blanco tequila, with a fruity mix of spiced rhubarb syrup and cranberry to start. Next up is falernum, a homemade spiced almond liqueur, with lime and a pandan tincture adding a nutty body that lingers. Something sweet to garnish, because why not?

Coconut oil fat-washed Olmeca Altos Banco tequila, spiced rhubarb syrup, falernum liqueur, cranberry, lime, pandan tincture[5], and a garnish of charred marshmallow.

(Allergens : Nuts, legumes)


Following change there comes wonderment. A desire to expand on what we already know. To push the boundaries, explore and experiment. To take bold new steps and dare to be different. Our experimental cocktails step away from the traditions and toward the unknown.

Le bon vivant

Whisky • Umami • Nutty • 15 €

A nutty chocolate aroma gives way to an umami whisky profile with a long, toasted butter finish. This Boulevardier/Manhattan hybrid uses a wild mushroom-infused whisky, with a punchy Galician red wine vermouth and Campari. The whole cocktail is then ‘fat washed’ with a buerre noisette for a smooth nutty finish.

Wild mushroom infused Woodford Reserve, Nordesía red vermouth, Campari, Fee Brothers black walnut bitters, brown butter fat wash.

(Allergens: Dairy, mushrooms, nuts)

La vie en rose

Rose • Colombard Sauvignon • Orange blossom • 14 €

Sweet, tart and refreshing in a single cocktail. Inspired by a warm sunset evening in the coastal town of Javea, Alicante. A silky foam, hinting at the scent of a rose and jasmine garden. The smoothed-out tannins of Colombard Sauvignon reminisce of a chilled white wine shared with friends. To finish, a garnish of an orange blossom ‘cocktail caviar’ adds a refreshing citrus palate cleanser.

Rose foam, Horgelus Colombard Sauvignon blanc wine, Cartron apricot brandy, apple juice, orange blossom cocktail caviar.

(Allergens: Soy, egg white)

Menace to Sobriety

Rye whisky • Liquorice root • Fino sherry • Cacao and ginger smoke • 16 €

Imagine enjoying a whisky at a member’s club in the comfort of an old leather Chesterfield, surrounded by bookshelves, with the scent of a cigar burning low in the air. Light wine notes and a delightfully herbaceous finish are the mainstays, with a warm liquorice root undertone that lingers throughout. The journey is complex – with each sip you will discover another element of this cocktail.

Liquorice root infused Bulleit Rye, Cesar Florido fino sherry, DOM Benedictine, smoked Maldon saline, Peychaud’s, Angosturas and Xocolatl Mole bitters, cacao nib and cigar smoke.

Back to our roots

Atlantic waves break against grass-top cliffs. Craggy coastlines with unique formations. Green hills and mountains are bordered by rivers and estuaries. The Celtic culture and unique nature of Galicia are the inspiration behind Copiña. The following cocktails showcase this heritage in both their flavours and ingredients.


Codium seaweed • Samphire • Vermouth • Floral • 15 €

A subtle salty seaweed flavour quickly makes way for floral wine and gin notes. This quickly transforms into a savoury citrus profile that complements the former.

This creation is a celebration of the ocean that has played a starring role in shaping the culinary offering of Galicia. Images of waves crashing over seaweed-covered rocks, lighthouses, and cliffs dominate the landscape. Sea birds fill the salty air, as rain clouds gather menacingly above the cragged shore of the Costa da Morte (death coast). We want to showcase this powerful vista in a cocktail, and the ‘Fisterra’ is the result.

Codium seaweed and homemade preserved lemon-infused Vanagandr vodka, Petroni white vermouth, Nordes gin, samphire tincture, and soda. Garnished with a treat from the sea.

Galicia Calidade

Hibiscus tea • Blackberry • Toxo • 15 €

An initial fruity shrub flavour is quickly rounded by a herbaceous tea infusion. Toxo (Galician thistle) comes next, joined by blackberry and fennel to complete this sharp, yet fruity serve.

The Galicia Calidade showcases ingredients and ideas from our visit to Galicia. We use toxo, a local thistle, for sweetness. A rosemary, sage, and hibiscus tea infusion from a Galician biosphere for tartness. A Galician gin, Vanagandr, for our base alcohol. A blackberry and fennel shrub using Mencía red wine vinegar for acidity, and our house bitters with six botanicals grown in Galicia. Even the vessel was made in Sargadelos!

Vanagandr gin, Mundo Galego toxo liqueur, Orballo rosemary, thyme and hibiscus tea infusion, blackberry and fennel shrub, Copiña house bitters, garnished with a fennel chiffonade.

O Conxuro

Palo santo • Honey • Ginger • Laphroaig • 14 €

Palo Santo smoke hits first with a rich Galician orujo to follow. This makes way for honey, ginger and Laphroaig whisky on the finish.

O Conxuro, meaning ‘The Spell’ is our ode to Celtic witchcraft. Our base alcohol is ‘La Queimada’, a liqueur spirit made by performing a ritual of setting fire to orujo (firewater), coffee beans and citrus rinds. We then add spiced ginger syrup, which represents the medieval spice markets that are still a feature in Galicia today. For sweetness, we use an organic Galician chestnut honey, and to give a smokey depth we use Laphroaig. Served with a Paolo Santo smoke, this creation takes you to Celtic northern Spain.

Queimada, spiced ginger, Laphroaig whisky, Galician chestnut honey, Angostura bitters, lemon, Palo Santo smoke.

Our techniques

Now you have read about our cocktails, discover our methods and techniques for creating them…